Entries for September, 2012

Should America Attack Iran To Prevent Iran From Developing Nuclear Weapons?

Speculation is growing about the possibility of an American attack on Iran – either a full-scale invasion (as we saw in Iraq) or air strikes and missile attacks (possibly including bunker-busting tactical nuclear weapons) against Iranian nuclear facilities, missile launch sites, and military/intelligence targets – to prevent Iran from using its nuclear program to develop nuclear weapons. Read the rest of this entry »

Can American Muslims Talk About 9/11?

While many Americans of various faiths have opposed the U.S. government’s domestic and international “War on Terror,” American Muslims who have expressed their criticisms and doubts about these policies have often had their loyalty questioned.

Many Americans wonder why a large number of American Muslims oppose monitoring mosques and Muslim charities, phone wiretapping and airport profiling. Is it because American Muslims are unwilling to tolerate any personal inconvenience or intrusion on their privacy, even if it makes the country safer? Is it because American Muslims sympathize with terrorists, and they don’t want terror plots disrupted?

And many Americans wonder why many American Muslims opposed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Is it because American Muslims put the safety of their fellow Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq over the safety of their fellow Americans here at home? Is it because American Muslims want al-Qaeda to have bases it can use to strike America again? Read the rest of this entry »