Al Qaeda attacked America on 9/11 (and before 9/11) in response to American support for Muslim dictatorships in the Muslim world, American support for Israel, and direct American military involvement in the Muslim world (including in Saudi Arabia and Iraq) dating back to the first Gulf War. After 9/11, the U.S. withdrew its troops from Saudi Arabia, but it continued all the above-mentioned policies. Furthermore, the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and the U.S. military has supported efforts to defeat Muslim insurgents in other regions, like the Philippines. The U.S. military may also attack Iran due to a conflict over Iran’s nuclear program. Al Qaeda continues to threaten further attacks against America. For the foreseeable future, the U.S. military will be fighting in the Muslim world.

There are 1.4 million Americans serving in the American armed forces. Since 9/11, in preparation for wars in the Muslim world, the U.S. military has actively recruited American Muslims who speak the languages of the Muslim world and who understand the cultures of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Out of an American Muslim population of approximately 6 million, between 5,000 and 20,000 American Muslims currently serve in the American armed forces. (Some were already Muslim prior to joining, and others became Muslim after they were already in the military.) Hundreds of American Muslim soldiers have been involved in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.

Should American Muslims join the American military in larger numbers? Or should all American Muslims get out of the American military?

Arguments By Those Who Believe American Muslims Should Join America’s Armed Forces

1. American Muslims benefit from living in America. They have religious freedom, political freedom, and economic opportunity. This is their home, so they should join the American armed forces, which seek to protect all Americans (including American Muslims).

2. The American military has done good deeds in the past, like helping to free Muslims in Kuwait, Bosnia, and Kosovo, and helping Muslims in various countries after earthquakes and tsunamis.

3. The U.S. military freed Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan from Saddam and the Taliban. The U.S. military is helping Iraqi and Afghan Muslims to try to build stable, peaceful democracies. American Muslims should join the U.S. military and help their fellow Muslims.

4. American Muslims have a religious obligation to fight insurgents and terrorists in Iraq who target and kill Iraqi Muslim civilians, and to fight warlords, Taliban, and terrorists in Afghanistan who target and kill Afghan Muslim civilians. “And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? – Men, women, and children, whose cry is: ‘Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!’” (4:75)

5. There have been abuses by some American soldiers against innocent Iraqis and Afghans, but abusive American soldiers are the exception, not the rule. Furthermore, the presence of American Muslim soldiers will help to protect Iraqi and Afghan civilians from abuses by other American soldiers. American Muslim soldiers can help remind other American soldiers of the humanity of Iraqi and Afghan civilians, and American Muslim soldiers can encourage moral behavior by other American soldiers. Other American soldiers are less likely to abuse Iraqi and Afghan civilians if they know that American Muslim soldiers are monitoring their behavior.

6. American Muslims in the U.S. military have made a significant contribution by serving as a bridge between the U.S. military and the Muslim world. American Muslim soldiers who understand “Muslim” languages and “Muslim” cultures have helped the U.S. military build relationships and defuse distrust with Iraqis and Afghans. These American Muslim soldiers have helped Iraqis and Afghans to see the U.S. military as a multi-religious institution, rather than an invading Christian/Crusader army. These American Muslim soldiers have helped their U.S. military units communicate with Iraqis and Afghans. They have taught their U.S. military units how to avoid making cultural mistakes. They have helped their U.S. military units, and helped Iraqis and Afghans, understand each other’s needs and concerns.

7. The U.S. military can be a safe place for American Muslim soldiers. Although some American Muslim soldiers have been harassed in the military, other American Muslim soldiers report that they have not experienced any discrimination or harassment in the U.S. military. If more American Muslims join the U.S. military, it will become an even safer environment for American Muslims, because there is strength in numbers. In addition, the presence of large numbers of American Muslims in the military will help the military to better understand Islam, Muslims, and the Muslim world. Furthermore, American Muslims serving in the U.S. military can help remove America’s doubts about the commitment of American Muslims to American national security. That will reduce discrimination and hate crimes against all American Muslims.

Arguments By Those Who Believe American Muslims Should Not Join America’s Armed Forces

1. The American armed forces serve the imperialist interests of American political elites who start wars regardless of popular support or justification for those wars. American Muslims should only participate in wars that are truly justified. American Muslims should only serve in the armed forces of an Islamic state, governed by God’s law, because the wars they fight in (and die in) should please God.

2. The U.S. military doesn’t care about Muslims. America intervened in Kuwait not to protect Muslims, but to protect America’s access to oil. For years, America supported an arms embargo against Bosnia, preventing the Bosnians from defending themselves against Serbian attacks. America eventually intervened in Bosnia and Kosovo, but only after tens of thousands of Muslims had been placed in concentration camps, raped, and killed.

3. The U.S. military doesn’t care about Iraqi Muslims and Afghan Muslims. For years, America propped up dictators like Saddam, and America did business with the Taliban. Then the Bush Administration decided to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and to overthrow those governments, resulting in destructive civil wars that have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans. Most American Muslims, and many Iraqis and Afghans, opposed the invasions.

4. For religious reasons, American Muslim soldiers cannot fight fellow Muslims. “If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (Forever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him.” (4:93) Furthermore, the Constitution of Medina (which was drafted on the instructions of the Prophet) stated, “A believer shall not slay a believer for the sake of an unbeliever, nor shall he aid an unbeliever against a believer.”

5. The U.S. military has intentionally abused innocent Iraqis and Afghans. Some American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan regularly refer to all Iraqis and Afghans using racist terms like “camel jockey,” “haaji,” and “raghead.” There have been reports of American soldiers firing randomly into crowded Iraqi neighborhoods. There have been reports of American soldiers shooting and killing innocent Iraqi families at U.S. military checkpoints. There have been reports of American soldiers raping Iraqi civilians; some American soldiers have been convicted of rape in Iraq. There have been reports of American soldiers rounding up Iraqi civilians indiscriminately, stripping them naked, forcing them to stand for hours in the sun, and verbally and physically abusing them. There have been reports of American soldiers raiding Iraqi homes, holding families at gunpoint, and stealing their food and other property. There have been reports of American soldiers randomly detaining Iraqis and Afghans. In addition, American soldiers have beaten and killed some Iraqi and Afghan detainees.

6. Some Iraqi Muslims and Afghan Muslims view American Muslim soldiers as Muslim sell-outs. Furthermore, some American soldiers view American Muslim soldiers as disloyal and untrustworthy, especially in light of incidents of violence and treason by American Muslim soldiers against other American soldiers. Therefore, American Muslims in the military cannot effectively serve as a bridge between the U.S. military and the Muslim world.

7. Anti-Muslim bias, suspicion, discrimination, and harassment in the U.S. military make it very difficult for American Muslim soldiers to serve comfortably and effectively. Some American soldiers have made it clear that they don’t trust American Muslim soldiers. Some American Muslim soldiers report that other American soldiers have called them names like “camel jockey” and “Al Qaeda terrorist.”

The Experiences Of A Few American Muslim Soldiers Since 9/11

Some American Muslim soldiers have been killed in Iraq. For example, Army Captain Humayun Khan, 27, was killed in Iraq in 2004 when he tried to stop a suicide bomber from attacking an American compound. Army Spc. Azhar Ali, 27, was killed in 2005 in Iraq by a roadside bomb that blew up his vehicle while he was on patrol. In 2007, Army Spc. Kareem R. Khan, 20, died in Iraq when a bomb detonated while he and other soldiers were checking abandoned houses for explosives; Khan was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Captain Abdullah Hulwe, a Muslim chaplain in Iraq, says his presence in Iraq helps the military develop better relations with Iraqi Muslims, and helps reduce the anger that some American soldiers have towards ordinary Iraqis, which makes both Americans and Iraqis safer. Major Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad, a Muslim chaplain in Iraq, helped persuade the military to rebuild a mosque within Camp Cooke, to be used by American Muslim soldiers and Iraqis. Major Muhammad said he was able to help American soldiers better understand Islam, and to help Iraqis better understand America. Pfc. Mirza Bashir Ahmad says other soldiers in his unit in Iraq seek his help in establishing good relations with Iraqis.

Some American Muslims in the military have said they are uncomfortable having to fight against Muslims in Afghanistan or Iraq. In June 2004, Sgt. 1st Class Abdullah Webster was jailed for refusing to deploy to Iraq; he had previously served with the military in Kosovo, where the enemy had been Serbian, not Muslim. Air Force Chaplain Captain Hamza Al-Mubarak testified on Sgt. Webster’s behalf that it would be better for Sgt. Webster to die than to take up arms against Muslims in Iraq. Qaseem Uqdah, a former Marine and the head of the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, says American Muslim soldiers must honor their contracts with the military, even if that means going to war in Muslim countries.

A few American Muslim soldiers have been formally accused of disloyalty. Captain James Yee, chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, was accused of espionage, detained in solitary confinement for 76 days, subjected to sensory deprivation, and threatened with the death penalty. All charges were dropped. Charges of attempted espionage at Guantanamo Bay were also dropped against Senior Airman Ahmad Al Halabi.

Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar was sentenced to death for killing fellow soldiers while their unit awaited deployment from Kuwait into Iraq in 2003. Sgt. Akbar admitted killing two fellow soldiers and injuring fourteen in a grenade attack because he believed that American soldiers would kill Muslims, and rape Muslim women, in Iraq. His lawyers argued that he was mentally ill. Sgt. Akbar claimed that he was religiously harassed before the incident, but the defense did not present any testimony regarding religious harassment at the trial.

In 2004, Marine Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun was charged with deserting his post in Iraq. The military believes he is hiding in Lebanon.

In 2004, a National Guard tank crewman, Spc. Ryan G. Anderson, was convicted of trying to give Al Qaeda information about American troops (troop strength and tactics) and methods for killing American soldiers. His lawyer argued that he was mentally ill.

In 2008, a former Navy sailor, Hassan Abu-Jihaad, was convicted of leaking details (prior to 9/11) about Naval ship movements in the Persian Gulf to suspected Al Qaeda supporters.

In November 2009, a Palestinian/Jordanian American Muslim soldier stationed at Fort Hood in Texas, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was accused of shooting and killing twelve American soldiers and wounding many others. Witnesses say he shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) before opening fire. Some who know him say he was angry about the presence of American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq; that he said the U.S. was waging a “war on Islam;” that he said Islamic law required that American actions in the Muslim world should be confronted; and that he was upset that he would be deployed to serve in Afghanistan. Hasan had previously prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the Army, warning of “adverse effects” for the Army unless American Muslims were allowed to avoid fighting fellow Muslims overseas. Investigators found Hasan’s business cards printed with the term “SoA(swt).” Investigators speculate this means “Soldier of Allah, glory be to Him.” Hasan repeatedly asked a leader at his local Texas mosque how American Muslim soldiers could religiously justify being at war against Afghan Muslims and Iraqi Muslims. Others who know Hasan say he was upset about anti-Muslim harassment he had previously experienced from other soldiers.


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89 Responses to Should American Muslims Join the American Armed Forces?
  1. I was listening to a local radio talk show today and the host indicated that militant islamists are the enemies in the war on terror and not “terrorists”. He said that American muslims are guilty by association for not speaking out against the attacks. He said that muslims are not patriotic because they are not joining the US military in significant numbers to fight the threat.

    I called to say that one of my good Muslim friends, a guy who would give you the shirt off his back, asked me for a flag I had hanging in my office after 9/11 when he could not find one at the hardware store and it was probably still hanging on his front porch.

    German Americans fought against German extremists. Japanese joined the fight during world war II. The war is not against Islam, it is against people who want to murder American civilians and any government which does not bow down to their extremist philosophy.

    I really suggest that American Muslims show thier loyalty by joining the American military unless they want to start to be seen by the wider population as sympathizers to the murderers that want to destroy the freedom that we all share as Americans. Blaming American policies for the attacks on America and choosing to not fight the extremists that want to kill you because you are American is pathetic.

  2. realy muslim cant go to war for the difrent meaning then to defend our relegion

  3. I don’t understand religion to begin with! If I like short-sleeved shirts, the Stones, like to vacation in Canada and watch old reruns of “Gilligan’s Island,” why the heck should I form a club who do all these things, then declare war on the other group that’s exactly the same except they watch reruns of “The Addams Family?” Religion is no less ridiculous, though a lot more dangerous. I mistrust ANY religious person because they’re obviously mentally imballanced from the get-go! Christian = Spanish Inquisition; Islam = suicide bombers; and they both = religion by conquest and nutcase adherants.

  4. Taha Amine Abdelkhalki November 12, 2006 at 5:45 pm Reply

    im a candian muslim rebahilated criminal that supports dubya 100% snd the war and i think more american muslims shoulf join the military and stop these satanist al qaeda from trying to demonize islam,when i get my pardon in 2010 first thing im doing is joing the marines so i can do my job as a muslim.

  5. I always find it amazing when I hear Muslims say, “don’t
    join the American Military” because you will be fighting
    against fellow Muslims! But then when I turn on the
    television, look on the internet, or read various newspapers
    I see what is taking place in the Sudan, Palestine, and
    other predominately Muslim countries. Aren’t those
    Muslims fighting other Muslims (Iran vs. Iraq)? Aren’t
    they killing one another dressed in military garb?
    Please…stop the non-sense! I don’t want Muslims killing
    Muslims as much as any religious group killing another
    religious group! If a Muslim decides to join the arm
    forces…let them join! As an American Muslim, I see fit
    that if one wants to contribute to the American fabric
    one has to play some type of role in that American
    fabric. And if that role is joining the American Armed
    Forces…so be it! As stated brilliantly by another
    post, “American Muslims can serve as a bridge between
    Muslims here in America and Muslims over seas.”
    The reason why I agree with such a statement is because
    when I go to work for the Police Department here, and
    I encounter fellow Muslims from overseas, they are amazed
    to see a fellow Muslim in an American Police Uniform
    assisting them. This absolutely puts them at ease!
    So I do advocate Muslims who reside in this country
    who are able to join the military, to consider joining the
    military if they so choose.

  6. I feel that all people of differant faiths should be able to join the US armed forces and help protect this country, ie melting pot this country was founded with one nation under your GOD with liberty and justice for ALL

  7. Abdul-Jaleel A. Mustafaa January 5, 2007 at 1:45 am Reply

    I am in the Military and have been serving this country for over 19 Years and doing a good job at that. I am Muslim but also American, we have a greater responsibility and not because of 911.

  8. You idiots. It’s written in simple black and white for Muslims:

    ‘Believers (Muslims) who take up arms and walk behind
    unbelievers in war, will die a unbeliever’

    All this fancy shmancy patriotic BS means nothing next to
    safeguarding the destiny of your eternal soul for a Muslim.
    As for these ‘muslims’ who go around killing other muslims,
    for them there is a sahi hadith which goes like this, that
    whichever muslim unsheaths his sword upon another, is
    hellbound. Clear enough for all you ?.

    Sheesh, what an amateur hour this is!. Go to a bonafide
    Alim and get all this sorted out, before you don your army
    uniform and stumble out there to kill a fellow Muslim.

  9. Praise be to Allaah.

    If you are sent to wage war against the Muslims, then it is not permissible for you to take part at all. Helping the kaafirs against the Muslims is a form of major kufr which puts one beyond the pale of Islam. Allaah says concerning one who supports the mushrikeen (interpretation of the meaning):

    “And if any amongst you takes them (as Awliyaa’, i.e., friends), then surely, he is one of them”[al-Maa’idah 5:51]

  10. I will say this, Sgt Hasan Akbar should hang for his betrayal of his fellow soldiers!!!!!!!

  11. I am perplexed by what I perceive to be a double standard that Americans of the Islamic faith seem to embrace. That many people, not only Muslims, refer to themselves as ——- Americans (the blank is usually filled in by an ethnic designation or racial identity) would indicate their primary allegiance and loyalty rests with some other identity before they acknowledge themselves as Americans. What seems most troubling with “Muslim-Americans” is that their primary focus is on their religion while the country which from which they now derive their freedoms and benefits is relegated to a secondary status. It appears they would not take up arms against any external or internal threats if those who threaten America are Muslim. Yes, they make statements that Islam rejects terrorism and that they are proud to be American but there seems to be no active participation in American unless it can be to institutions or careers that promote their own economic benefits. How many Muslim charities make donations to non-Muslim causes? It seems that Muslims want all the benefits and freedoms of America but they direct their loyalty only to their faith.

  12. With respect to American Muslims “feeling uncomfortable fighting other muslims” We have freedom of religion here, but when a soldier or sailor enlists in our armed forces, they have a duty to this country to protect us from the advancement of the FALSE Religion , which seeks to impose their garbage on the rest of us. Most if not , advocate terrorist/violent tactics to bring the rest of us around. If I were a young man again, I would not hesitate to aim my sights on a raghead. These people are even worse than the Jevohos

  13. Religion without Freedom of Religion is nonsense. The fact that the Jihadists want to impose their religion by force of arms on others is illogical. If someone points a gun at someone and says “Tell me you love me”, how sincere is that person when they respond “I love you”? Likewise, how sincere is a “convert” to Islam living under Sharia law, when if he doesn’t obey he must face the consequences, some of which are violent or even death? How much more revered will a faithful American Muslim be in the eyes of God, since he has freedom of religion, because of this? For a man to remain faithful while never being tempted is no test of faith, especially when rejection of faith could have deadly consequences. But for a man to remain faithful while living in freedom, always tempted without earthly consequence, is no small feat.

    As far as Muslims fighting Muslims not being able to get their reward in Heaven…. So, a criminal Muslim walking into a mall and shooting civilians cannot be stopped with lethal force by a Muslim policeman? Last I checked, murder is illegal under Sharia law as well. How are terrorists, who blow up civilians, any different than that criminal? An American Muslim and his Christian friend fighting side by side, are not fighting a holy war against Muslims. They are fighting against violent terrorists who mercilessly target civilians, who are criminals under Sharia law, Christian beliefs, or any secular law that exists in any country of the world.

    If you’re Muslim and you don’t believe this, consider this: If one day you come home to find someone raping your wife after having stabbed one of your children, before you use deadly force to stop him from killing your family, you’d better ask him his religion. If he is Muslim, then I guess you have to leave him alone to ensure your place in Heaven.

    Not fighting the bad guys who are killing civilians around the world in the name of their faith, is the same as letting that man have his way with your family.

    If you are an American Muslim, then you have the same stakes in this fight as your non-Muslim neighbor. The terrorists will be just has happy to kill your family, as they’d be to kill your non-Muslim neighbors family. They will NOT ask your religion before blowing you up. They don’t do so anywhere else in the world, so why should they change the rules for you?

    They won’t.

  14. I am a Canadian children’s author working on a book of interviews with kids who have a parent serving overseas with the military. I would like to include as wide a range of points of view and experiences as possible. If you know of a young person who might like to share their story with me, please pass my contact information on to their parents. Thank you, and please accept my best wishes.
    Deborah Ellis,

  15. I feel that in order for us to explain our predicament to our non-Muslim compatriots and to each other, we need to divide the discussion into two parts between two parts; being a good citizen of this country and joining the U.S. military. As a result of the imperialistic, hegemonic nature of our government, there is presedence for refusing to join the military while remaining a law-abiding, patriotic citizen.

    Muslims can show they love their country by obeying every letter of the law; by caring for their neighbors, upholding what is just and contributing to the fabric of our society. We should join in the political process, foster inter-religious dialogue and protect the homeland. I believe this is incumbent on Muslims as America safeguards our religious freedoms. If one were to hypothetically be aware of an impending attack on our homeland, he/she would be bound to rush to it’s defence and attack the perpetrators, even if they are Muslim.

    Regarding serving in the military; since the crookedness of our government has become manifest and, since it has been shown that our politicians care more about advancing their imperialsitic interests than they do for defending our rights, Muslim Americans should not serve in the U.S. military at this time. Each and every Muslim is endowed by the Creator with the gift of reasoning. It is not sufficient to say, ‘the president needs me’ and rush off to some ill-advised campaign. When investigative journalism has proven that Iraq was based on a lie and is part of a grand neo-con scheme; when it has been shown that Afghanistan is part of an effort to control a strategic oil pipeline that will circumvent Russia and isolate Iran, you have to use your power of reason and ask yourself, ‘is this a just war I am fighting?’ If you cannot answer that comfortably, you should not take part. If this were a simple matter of patriotism, then why are Bush and Cheney’s children not fighting? For those politicians’ kids who are sent off to war, like Bidens, the chances are they’re assigned to come cozy section of the country out of harms way. There is no justice in what our government is using our army for. This should weigh on the minds of every American citizen and not just Muslim-Americans.

    It was once said, “I love my country so that I trust my government not”. Dont’ confuse political alleigance with patriotism. And don’t confuse patriotism with racism.

  16. I contend that there is nothing wrong with Muslims joining the US military and even fighting in wars. However, being in the military doesn’t exempt a person from being Muslim and having Islamic morals. Muslims still have to adhere to the Islamic rules of war, including not destroying crops, not destroying infrastructure, not targeting women and children (even in situations where evil is hiding amongst them), and not terrorizing POWs. Also, our faith teaches us that intention of our actions is sometimes more important than our actions. How can Muslims fight a war against any people when the US government’s intention for these wars isn’t always forthright and honest (ie, are we in Iraq because of WMDs or to bring democracy to the Iraqi people?).

    Also, we need to look at the socio-economic reasons for many Muslims not being in the military. Until recently, the economic conditions of the Muslim community in the US has been very good, and historically speaking people with money do not join the military unless they are from military families. Finally, there are plenty of Black Muslims in the military, but the country doesn’t see them as “Muslim” because they don’t have long beards or Muslim-sounding names.

    I think the biggest problem Muslims are facing is a PR problem. We aren’t explaining our viewpoints very well and until we can articulate how being American and being Muslim aren’t contradictory, we will have issues as a community.

  17. I agree with a lot of what is in the last two , by Bob and anonymous on October 22.

    The real question is should anyone, Muslim or not, be fighting in these wars, especially Iraq? It is only natural that Muslims overwhelmingly fall into the camp of people are against the war on Iraq. Most Americans, around 70% right now, are against the war , and most of those who supported it to begin with were tricked with false information, fear-tactics and propaganda. (and most of those who support it now agree it was a mistake to go in but continue to support it because they think it would be a mistake to leave now).

    If America was fighting a just war, for example if it was under attack, then many more Muslims would join. I think Muslims are not joining because they don’t agree with the way the US’s military is used, not because they are not patriotic and such.

  18. Let us remember back when Manifest Destiny was being practiced to clense the continent of those that lived here first.
    Many of those that lived here first helped by being scouts and aiding the genocide of their kind.

    I don’t believe that America is doing this to the Muslims, but I certainly can see how a Muslim can view it that way. If I were Muslim I would question many of America’s positions and although I loved my country, it would be impossible for me to kill even distant relatives.

    I probably would have trouble killing white Christians if I were living in a non white Christian world. I have talked with Hispanic soldiers and thye have problems looking into a bombed home and looking at dead children that look like their children.

    “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.”
    Let us all try to think our way out of this, and not justify everything as doing God’s will. No matter which holy book one reads, they are books of love.

  19. Joseph said: The muslims need to get real. If you join the army you have taken an oath to our nonmuslim president to obey him and follow his orders. That means from the President on down to all those who are legislating orders under his command. I read where Mohammed said that muslims can only fight in a jihad if it is against an oppressor waging war against them or to make the word of their God supreme. If they join they join our army, the US army they know we are not trying to make the word of their God Allah supreme. America was built with the intention of keeping the word of their God Allah subjugated. They know that they have sold out to their so called religion and are just trying to make an excuse to their Muslim buddies that they are good muslims. They don’t want to pull the triggers to kill their muslim buddies, but they damn sure have no problem training and helping our government kill their buddies, they have no problems helping transport the bombs, bullets, tanks, food, electronics and even handing the soldiers that are killing their muslim buddies the bullets and helping to work on and develop our targeting systems so we can kill muslims faster and more effectively. They don’t really have a love for their muslim religion in their hearts. These muslims join our Army because they know that we are superior to them in everyway and they want to be on the winning side and reap the benefits and pay ($dollars$), education etc. Passing the bullets and making the bullets is the same as pulling the trigger because they know what those bullets are being used for. They are cowards who are afraid to stand up for their muslim buddies because they know we will kick their asses into oblivion. So they use their brains and pick the winning team because they have no faith in their God. They are scum and I have no respect for scum who will betray their own buddies.

  20. Oh, please. As someone who has indigenous American ancestors, I do wish the white folks would quit bringing up manifest destiny over and over and over again. It wasn’t as if the tribes were all singing Kumbaya together until whites, blacks, and Asians arrived; in fact my ancestors used to literally eat Algonquins after torturing them to death.

    The reality is that Al-Qaeda hasn’t been known for NOT killing fellow Muslims – or have we forgotten what they did to the Sufis and the Shia in Afghanistan? Or what has been going on in the Swat Valley? It might be fun for some to disparage the American government, but the reality is that most governments are worse, far worse.

    As a Muslim I find it almost tragic when I listen to fellow Muslims decry enlistment in the US armed forces because it is haram to kill fellow Muslims since over the years I have listened to far too many fellow Muslims justify the genocide in Sudan and other instances of the mass murder of some Muslims by other Muslims.

  21. Hello freinds
    I am an Indian Muslim and also a practising muslims. According to Holy Koran :Any one who is born and brought up on any soil then he is instructed to protect his/her motherland at any cost:

    If he/she is died while fighting against his/her enemy to protect motherland then he is two times martyr ” he is a martyr in the eyes of Islam” and he is martyr of the motherland also”

    There is a special status of a Muslim martyr in Islamic tradition. Even he needs not to have funeral
    wear for burial. his solider out fit is funeral wear and he gets in to heaven .His all sins are excused by the Almighty Allah.

    So, i must argue any muslim where he/she is born should join in his/her country defence forces. Islam praises the protector of his or her motherland.

    So, far my knowledge is concerned no other religions praise so much a soldier in which way
    Islam appreciates.

    Secondly all most all countries have their own arrangement for observation of different religious prayers so why American muslims reluctant to join the armed forces.

    Again i want to cite an example that the war “Qarbala: was fought by 2 muslims group neither it was fought against any non-muslim army.

    War is justified against any unrighteous deed in Islam. If any so called group call themselves as pure follower of Islam and resorts to violence against humanity then they should be prosecuted

    If you are truly muslim and follow basic Islamic principles and understand Islam properly then you shoud not hesitate to join your country armed forces.


  22. Anyone who says muslims can’t fight for their country, “only for their religion” is lying and contradicting themselves (be it knowingly or not i do not know). In islam you owe your loyalty to the country in which you’re allowed to peacefully practice your religion and in the country in which you are allowed to earn your bread.

    I am a muslim and i am in the U.S Airborne Ranger and am a proud member. Never have i been discrimanated against in any way shape or form by my friends and colleagues and i know that i can truthfully say that this was the best decision of my life.

    The extremists that we’re fighting don’t want children to go to school, have fun, grow up, and most importantly have a bright future.

    Keep up the good work boys.

    ~Airborne Ranger.

  23. It is an all volunteer military join if you want, don’t join if you don’t want. I have been in the military either active or reserve for 20 years. I just got back from Iraq. I will tell all who will listen one thing though. America is not at war – A small less than 1% subset of America- Military members and their families – are at war and we paying 100% the cost. Everyone in America, right or left seems to have a f*cking opinion while less than 1% have any skin in the game. Our deaths are a talking points to you people- do you even know any of us? Bring back the draft and lets see how everyone gets serious. P.S. I served with a young muslim guy from Chicago and his family was ASHAMED to tell anyone he was risking his life for his country in Iraq.

  24. The Creators Peace Be Upon You:

    I am a Muslim and a Veteran and I believe that it is right to serve, if you are already an American or planning on being an American.

    Of late the Muslims have been getting bad press, but America is founded on principles that Muslims and believers who believe in the Creator can accept, no matter what relegion they are. The Muslims who believe in the Creator, and want what is good for all of humanity, are encouraged to participate in the U.S.A and what it stands for. In order to right the wrongs, we should study the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and stand up for the principles they stand for. We are all immigrants in America; and as citizens we are also part of what makes America great.

    The Muslim American Veterans Association is having a Chicagoland Banquet November, 15, 2009. Tickets are $50. A full page ad in our souvenir book is $100, 1/2 page ad is $50, card ad is $25, patron ad is $10, and we are seeking any amount as a donation.

    Donations and payments for ads in our souvenir book can be mailed to Muslim American Veterans Association, P.O BOX 2596, Country Club Hills, IL 60478. Souvenir books will go into print on 11/11/09.

    For more information, email me at

    T. D Shabazz

    Thank you.

  25. When some immigrant or children of an immigrant, regardless of their faith, decide to become a US citizen then it is perfctly OK to participate in all activities including joing the Armed Forces.

  26. AOA,

    Interesting arguments.

    It sounds better if Muslim soldiers are sent to non-Muslim countries so they don’t have to fight against the Muslims–if this is possible, then people will be more inclined to join US Army.

  27. If Muslims in America were in any way restricted or penalized for the peaceful practice of their religious beliefs, if the federal or any state or local government in this country were taking measures to prevent or even discourage those who wished to convert to Islam from doing so, or if the US were preventing or even restricting the free and peaceful practice of Islam in countries where it maintains a military presence, then there would certainly be a case that Muslims — or anyone of conscience for that matter — should refuse to serve in the American military. But as it is, the US is a country that has not only dedicated itself to providing Muslims (and all peaceful individuals) with freedom to worship and expand their religion as they please, but has delivered — consistently, and over a long period of time. In fact, Muslims in the US are given greater freedom of worship than even most nations in the Muslim world provide — just TRY speaking contrary to the official Wahabbist line in Saudi Arabia, or demanding equality with the Ayatollas as a Sunni cleric in Iran. In fact, all peaceful religions are respected and embraced as a fundamental part of the fabric of life in America, which makes America as much a Muslim country as it is a country of any particular religion, irregardless of what the numbers say. Must one define the notion of a “Muslim country” strictly by religious membership statistics? Or should one rather give weight to the degree to which that country allows the free and peaceful practice and propagation of the Islamic faith? I would contend that this is the key question American Muslims must resolve for themselves when pondering whether or not their religious values conflict with assuming something other than an indirect role in the defense of their country.

  28. yea yea but jesus is the way no will come before god but through christ… the bilbe say thou shat not kill .. but we still do it mankind anyways…so where in the there book doesit say fly a plane in the wtc… yeaa um how that working out for guys gee if only you did n’t do that then we wouldn’t be in you r back yard… 911 gave us a reson to take over every thing and take your oil… good move slick thanks for the gas

  29. The presented debate and experiences of Muslim soldiers is interesting and timely, especially following the tragic shootings in Ft. Hood.

    I think we can add another category. Should Muslims get more involved in civilian efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq in order to promote understanding between cultures? Should Muslims who are familiar with the issues at hand be more involved in policies related to war and how it is executed in the first place? For example, researchers in DC came up with the idea of “soft power” to extend US influence, rather than relying too much on military “hard power”.

    (I want to digress and express my personal sentiment since the word “tragic” was used in commentary to media and it came from a comment I made about “tragedy”, which wasn’t intended to be widespread. The Inauguration wasn’t tragic and my comment about it wasn’t a call for sympathy. All I meant to say was that it was a myth to assume that previous ones ran perfectly. I presented only part of an article that explained how demonstrations and riots occurred in previous inaugurations. The article said that some ended up in tragedy. This one was not like that despite a significant number of attendees and volunteers like myself. It ran relatively well.

    I haven’t had a chance to explain but my apologies if it came out wrong.)

  30. Very interesting and urgently needed to be discussed, it is dire need of time to make America and Muslim safer It will require more intelligence(not cia) than what take to blow nations and buildings etc with bombs and airplane. It require a clear standard of policies of promoting peace and justice world wide. American government is trying hard but what hinders its efforts is favoritism and double standard.

  31. All of it has nothing to do with religion, religion is just the peace of bread caught between two monkeys. It’s human delemma that is well understood in these times of advance sciences, but ignored due to lack of human selflessness and commitments when dealing the issue of human race.

  32. After the last shooting, perhaps we need to start forming all Muslim units for Korean DMZ duty; that would free up non-Muslim soldiers for OIF and OEF and it would 1) remove any potential conflict of interest for duty and 2) segregate them for their own protection. I think someone needs to consider this idea and bring it forward – if only as a temporary measure.

    Let’s be honest here – The US Army Major chanting ‘Allah Akhbar’ as he shot his fellow soldiers really didn’t help the cause and, as a result, being a Muslim in the US Army just got a whole lot harder and significantly less acceptable to everyone who *isn’t* a Muslim. I thinkn the mind set now is Muslim soldier = Terrorist in training. I can’t honestly say I’d feel comfortable serving in an Infantry unit with a Muslim soldier today and would most likely seek to get them transferred or chaptered out for the good of the service.

  33. We the people of this United States, christian, Jewish, atheist….are sick of the attacks from the MUSLIM religion and it’s believer’s. You may call these attackers extremists, but I see you people as a whole. Your bible, the Quran, states that anyone who does not believe in Isam, is and I quote, “AN INFEDEL”, and must be killed. You will even kill your own flesh and blood if they stray from the Isam. That’s totally unbelievable to me, but true. We hear about these cases everyday in the news. About how some crazy MUSLIM ran over and killed his daughter because she was leaning toward the west’s belief’s and customs. You are not of kind, caring belief. You stand for torture, domination, and control. Daniel Pearl….anyone remember him? I do, I will always remember the hooded (COWARDS) MUSLIMS who took a dull knife and slowly decapitated him on the internet. This is what your religion is really about…I personally wish that you would leave our country. Leave us alone. We were fine until you all decided to try and take over the world. Go HOME!

  34. Dear Saima,

    Is the religion of Islam that complicated for a shrink to misunderstand Mr. Abdul Dayan’s point dated 9/3/09 (scroll back)?

  35. Dear Asif for a moment forget about religion, because its like water that travel through different lands pick up the essence of the soils traveled. So to be agree with Abdul Dayan’s I have to search the original source. However, so far as I know Islam, found it incredibly reasonable far beyond we people who uses hardly 10% of our brain can easily imagine. First of All, Islam is not the property of those tribal monster those not all, they don’t practice Islam as meant to be at all. Their killings of their own and others or Daniel Pearl are similar to Timothy Mcvey of Oklahoma bombing. Its a prehistoric mental status thing.
    Now, get back to the original point, tell me what good it should be to participate in protecting the motherland when motherlands ideology is corrupted under moral grounds. civil rights movements and post Hallocust era should be good indicator for us to fight for human rights not for pieces of lands and call them motherland and fight blindly when their roots can suck who you are. Force you to lose your identity.
    And to Mr. GoHome. All I had to say, Its my home its my birth right to be on this earth, even though you took part of land from native indian and call it whatever you want, that doesnt give you right cancel other people rights. Well if you like you can go to Mars, I heard we will be arranging home for you there shortly.

  36. Dear Anonymous “Mr/Ms.GoHome”, you proudly declare, and I quote: “Leave us alone. We were fine until you all decided to try and take over the world. Go HOME!”

    Exactly these words have been the cry of thousands of Palestinians for over six decades. Their land was taken, their homes were bulldozed, they were shunned, and they were driven away homeless. Then, you did not raise your voice. They cried the same words that you do now. So that was then, and now is now. Now, that the needle is in your own butt, it hurts, Does it not? By no means do I justify terrorism. However, I do emphasize on WHO started it, and WHO aided it in starting with WHOM. Mr/Ms. Proud US Citizen, you must ask these questions before forming your overly broad conclusion such as “Go Home.”

    Nevertheless, that was not the topic at debate here, and I recognize it. For the reasons that follow, I reach the conclusion that an American Muslim should not join in American Military. For those who propose that being an American, you must contribute to the defense and protection that America provides, I submit that you can still contribute to America in various other ways, one does not have to be in the military to ‘return the favor’ bestowed upon you by the country. Perhaps, you could be in politics? Or intelligence agencies, or even in the executive branch – where REAL decisions to go to war are made. Military here, as we all know, does not decide who to go on war with, it merely carries out the orders. Does it not then make a better sense to get involved in those institutions where you can help promote American and Muslims interests, bridge the gap, with diplomacy and tact. Going working for the military, arguing that you can raise Islamic awareness during a war is something you are doing AFTER the milk is spilled. Its not proactive, rather a reactive approach.

  37. Muslims in US should know that any WAR has nothing to do with religion. It is very wrong to link any war specialy a war to defend your country, in this case US, to your religion. If Syria attacks Jordan should Jordanina Army surrender to Syrians and give there country to Syria because they are muslims. Muslin armies of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are fighting proper wars againet these extremists. In other almost all muslim countries police is fighting with similar extremists. A US citizen should defend its country regardless of what is the enemies religion.
    Also it is important for a US muslim to consider that whatever circumstances, killing of innocent human being is not justified at all.

  38. I’m a Canadian and am pleased to see and read the dialogue about Muslims and the military. I don’t have an answer but believe there needs to be continued discussion and dialogue to help in everyone’s education. I personally do not know a Muslim and have no idea what their thnking is….only from what I read and see in TV exchanges.

    From what I’ve read there also needs to a stronger and more public outcry from Muslims and their distancing from the extreme radical interpretation of Islam…when there is a demonstration by radical Muslims anywhere,then the moderate Muslims need to be demonstrating at the same time expressing,their visual and vocal opposition.

    It is hoped that attitudes will change after a few generations living in North America…but maybe not as the investigation in Fort Hood continues..

  39. War is not about religion thats good but war for the countries also follows the similar means if the basic human dignity is at risk. So war for the country or for the religion should not be the way to go. War for should only be justice for human race that should be the new world religion.

  40. As a former member of the U.S. Navy and current member of the federal civil service merchant marine, I have served our country in actions against Libya, the Kozovo War, OIF, and the current anti-piracy campaign in the IO. These are things that most people would point pride to. However, the actions of Major Hasan are the actions of a coward. At any time, he could have left the Army if he felt conflicted about his duty to his country and duty to his religion. All he did in succeeding is to once again question the loyalty of Muslim Americans and he has aided engendering the call to ban Muslims from serving in the military as well as public service jobs (like policeman and fireman) and security job. This is the new backlash that Muslim Americans face – the same backlash that Muslims have felt over 9/11. All he did in succeeding in casting doubt on a segment of American society which is badly needed. There is no better community from which America can draw from to fight Al-Qaeda, Bin-Laden, Taliban, and others than its own American Islamic community. Our government must do more for outreach to Muslim Americans and Muslim Americans must do more to demonstrate their loyalty to the country they live in. There has been a thorough condemanation of Major Hasan’s actions by most major American Muslim groups and that’s a start. These groups also must call on our government to form a better cooperative so to prevent another Major Hasan-like action. As I said, all Major Hasan did was to give the naysayers, the political pundits, and the conservative media elite the ammunition they need in order to promote their anti-Muslim American propaganda and to help feed the fear of Muslims and Isalm within America.

  41. Major Hasan should only be consider a lunatic person he shouldn’t be labeled as muslim and used to disadvantage of muslim American in services.

  42. There is a difference between protecting one’s country and community from criminals and terrorists bent on killing innocent civilians, and helping one’s government to invade and kill innocent people in other countries, along with those who take up arms to defend their country from invasion.
    Muslim Americans should want to protect their country and community from anyone who wants to commit crime, including and especially killing innocent civilians. Therefore they should join the law enforcement agencies and other institutions aimed at stopping protecting American communities. Muslims in America are obligated by Islam to oppose crime and violence – and if the perpetrator is a Muslim or not, it makes absolutely no difference.
    If you join the military, you will not be targetting “terrorists” who threaten America. You will be targetting the people of invaded and occupied countries who are resisting american invasion and occupation; and sometimes even innocent people who are not even exercising their right to resist foreing invasion. So, the banality of those who identify any military action as ‘protecting America against terrorists” is clear.
    American Muslims have a responsibility to do their part in protecting American from terrorists, BUT also have a responsibility to refrain from invading others countries and killing innocent people. Both these responsibilities are primariy to Allah, for which we will answer on the day of judgment – only secondarily to country – since Allah has commanded us maintain law and order in whichever country we live in, regardless of whether it is America or elsewhere.

  43. an American Muslim January 8, 2010 at 3:28 am Reply

    In my honest and humble opinion, I have to agree with Omar’s assessment. And for those who consider it, please read and learn about politics in the Middle East in order to make an educated decision.

    An Account from USS Liberty Survivors:

    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

    Council for the National Interest

    If Americans Knew

    Because you will forced to “follow orders” of those politicians and special interest groups, which are detrimental to those people who are in occupied territories, as Omar pointed out in the previous post.

  44. no offense to any one just sayin what i think and trying to be respectful about it. all muslims need to get on the boat they fled over here taking our jobs and making it hard for us whites to make a living and go back home and take care of there own mess.

  45. Muslims must not take up the Infidels fight. We are Muslim and must look to our own. Only when Shari’a Law replaces the Infidel laws of America can Muslims fight. Those who do so now are destined for the flames of Hell. The Prophet Himself (PBUH) has said, “Make no Infidel your friend.” Rise to Holy Jihad and rid the world of all Infidels so that Islam can ultimately triumph over all others!

  46. In my opinion, I appreciate the Muslim Americans who do fight for their country. Many have deployed and served honorably in this messed up war.

    However I do feel the American Muslim community is NOT doing enough for their adopted country.
    When the time came to pick a side, they hesitated. That calls into question their very loyalty to the country they are citizens of. The real motives of Al Qada, and the assorted groups in Afgan and Iraq are anything but ideological or Theologically driven at their true core. It’s over regional power & resources.

    The Theistic driver is just a smoke screen they use to confuse and motivate the average joes and to manipulate the media.

  47. Salam,

    I am a practicing muslim and went to an islamic school for my middle school and freshman and sophomore years in high school. And to many muslims disgust i plan on joining the United States Marine Corps. Although to many muslims this seems like a grave sin as i am going to “kill innocent muslim brothers”, i dont see it that way at all. I was born and raised in America and love my country but i dont want to join JUST as a service to my country but as a service to islam as well. Members of the taliban are killing innocent people in general, in their “jihadist” (not true jihad btw) ways, whether they be muslim or not. And to me those people are not muslims. they are oppressors and they are giving a bad name to muslims everywhere. Now some may say i have been brainwashed by the media into thinking that taliban members are terrorists and not freedom fighters. there is no doubt in my mind that the taliban was a freedom fighting force in the past and that some members may still have that mind set, but many have strayed. This has happened many many times in the past where a group fighting for rights soon becomes a menace. the Black Panthers black civil rights group in america is said to have been where the roots of the notorious crip gang began. MQM, a group that fought for indian immigrant muslims rights in pakistan has also become a corrupt group. I have a cousin living in Kohat, Peshawar Pakistan (on the border of Afghanistan). his father (a soldier in the pakistani Army, deceased now) and his family were extremely strong supporters of the taliban for over 2 decades and would mention how all the news about the taliban members is all propoganda and a way for the US to give muslims a bad name. His father was later murdered for unkown reasons. It was not until recent bombings that occured in peshawar that their mindsets changed. Exremists were bombing market places full of muslims and MASJIDS ON FRIDAY PRAYER (equivalent of Sundays in Churchs. Real Muslims dont do that . My cousins changed their perception completely after having firsthand experiences with these extremeists. Another one of my cousins from the other side of my family who lives in Karachi, Pakistan was carjacked by a group of 4 afghani people (they can tell the difference between afghanis and pakistani people easily over there)and was told to drive to a location. once they arrived they exited the vehicle and began firing their guns into crowds of people. Alhamdulillah my cousin managed to escape.These people are not muslims. they are only muslims by name. I would never have considered joining if i had not heard these stories that confirmed the acts of terrorism. I understand that the government has their own agendas but the evidence is there that relief eforts by soldiers are happening such as the rebuilding of schools, delivery of mdecial supplies, and things like that. I dont have to randomly start firing into a crowd of innocent civilians or rape innocent women if i dont want to. those who have done so were not ordered to, but did it out of their own anger and choice. I feel as a muslim that if there were any time for muslims to join it should be now becuase we would be fighting to bring back the name of our religion and prevent these so called muslims from killing more innocent people, muslim and non-muslim. One can only know the truth if they actually serve and see it firsthand. all these other accounts are just speculated by people who either believe too much or too little of what the media shows them. The brother above who serves in the Ranger regiment would have chosen to end his service asap if he felt he wasnt doing something right. However he went on to further continue and advance his career as a soldier. If i find what we are doing to be wrong, then i will finish my required service and never go back and ask for forgiveness. MY initial intentions are to protect and defend innocent people and our religion. And what better way is there to show the truth about muslim people than by demonstrating it through your actions. Muslims serving in the military have a unique opportunity to aid in the recovery of the view of our religion. I can undertand many peoples opposition to mulsims joining the military but please dont bash them becuase there intentions may not be what you think. I am a proud muslim and a proud american and that is my opinion on the situation. i just hope that the actions of Nidal hussein (im not going to give him the respect of saying Major) hasnt ruined it for those of us with good intentions.

    Salam and bless you all (YES THE NON MUSIMS TOO) lol

  48. Salam

    Hopefully i wont leave anything out since this is the second time ive had to type this. I am a American born, practicing Muslim and went to a private islaimc school for 6 years of my life. To many muslim’s, including some of my friends and family, disgust i plan on joining the United States Marine Corps. Many of them argue that i am going over there to kill “innocent muslims”. I on the other hand dont view it like this. The taliban and groups like Al-qaeda are not my muslim brothers. They are exremist and take innocent lives themselves. I will not be fighting my innocent muslim brother but an enemy of islam. These people are not only killling innocent people on a daily basis but are also giving islam a bad name. They are spreading an evil version of islam and poisoning the minds of potentially good muslims. I am not JUST joining to serve my country but also to serve my religion and save it from those who have hijacked it. Many people will read this and assume that i have been brainwashed by American television and the media. It was not what i saw on tv that convinced me to join. it was my own family’s personal experience that convinced me that to join. I have relatives living in Kohat Peshawar Pakistan (right on the border of Afghanistan). They were strong supporters of The taliban for nearly 3 decades. Whenver we would have conversations with them on the topic they would say that whatever is being shown on the tv about the taliban is strictly propoganda to spread hatred against muslims. I think this has something to do with people not wanting to belive that muslims are doing things like this. Just as any other person such as a christian wouldnt want to belive that terroristic acts are being done in the name of their religion; its denial. Anyway, It was these same people who now, after recent events, have completely changed their outlook on the taliban. Recent bombings of market places full of muslims and masjids during FRIDAY PRAYER (equivalent of Sundays at Church) show the true faces of these people. My cousins were shocked to see the people who they trusted before doing these things in their own areas against muslims. Another one of my cousins from the other side of my family who lives in Karachi Pakistan was carjacked by 4 armed afghanis, possibly taliban, (they can tell the difference between afghanis and pakistanis easily over there) and was forced to drive to a location. Upon reaching the location the men jumped out of his car and began firing their weapons into a crowd of people. Alhamdulillah my cousin managed to escape. These experiences show that we are not dealing with muslims here. I have no doubt in my mind that the Taliban was once a great freedom fighting group during the russian occupation. However like many rights groups of the past the taliban have changed. the Black Panthers started out as a civil rights group for blacks in america. It is said to the where the roots of the notorious crip gang began. MQM was a rights group for muslim indian immigrants to pakistan. They too are now a corrupt group. Im sure that there are a few members who are still on the right path but it seems that a large group of them have strayed. I feel that if there is no better time for muslims to join the military. I will be defending innocents and my religion. Ofcourse the government as their own agenda but the evidence cannot be denied that military members have worked in many relieif efforts that involve rebuilding schools and delivering medical supplies. They are helping people. Those who shot into crowds of innocent people or raped innocent women, did so on their own will. No orders were given to do so. Many people can only speculate what is going on over there. Many of those speculators twist facts to meet how they feel about the situation and believe either too much or too little of what the media portrays. I dont have to participate in such things. I have the intention to go over there and end oppression as the prophet would like me to do. If i find that my purpose over there isnt serving the cause i inteded to serve will finish my service contract and never go back and ask for forgiveness. The brother above who serves in the Ranger regiment is a testament to this. If he felt that what he was being told to do was wrong i dont believe he, as a muslim, would have continued his service and advanced his role by becoming a ranger. MY niyah (intention) is for good. If i find otherwise happening over there, i will end my career asap. I just want it to be clear that these people are not muslims and our religion is worth defending. What better way is there to show the true light of islam then to join and display it through our actions. Ofcourse there will still be those of you who disagree but i for one have to see firsthand what majority of muslims say is propoganda. I have to know if i can be a part of something that can change what islam is being portrayed as. If i find it wrong i will leave. I am a proud Muslim and a Proud American. I find it necessary to defend both. Unfortunately psycopaths like Nidal hussein (im not going to give him the respect of saying Major) have lowered the chances and acceptance of muslims in the military. I do hope this gave you another view on muslims in the military and this war.

    Salam and bless you (YES THE NON MUSLIMS TOO) lol

  49. Listen to these scumbag muslims on this board. 98% of them are out for killing you if you are not one of them. I say nuke ’em all and get rid of this plaque once and for all!

  50. John, it is unfortunate that you believe this way about Muslims. As far as i have read it doesnt seem that 98% percent of the muslims who have commented are out to kill you. only one hss posted his extremist views. Unfortunately it is those people who are giving you this feeling and i can understand the frustration and hate you may feel as a result of this. But please do not assume the whole population is like this. There are crazy people like this in every religion. Unfortunately only this side of our religion is shown on television. You may be surprised to hear this, but Arabs only constitute only 20% of the muslim population. And there are over 5 million Muslims in the U.S. alone, let alone European countries, Canada, Australia, etc. There are over 1 bilion Muslims in this world. The second largest religion on the planet. If killing all of “you non-believers” was the main objective of Islam bombings and mass murder would be occuring all over the world. I fail to even see reports of Muslim commiting crimes on episodes of COPS or America’s Most Wanted. Most of the extremists arent well educated in their religion. A recent suicide attack on an IRS office building in texas killed an innocent person. The bomber was a texas, christian man who was agaisnt the IRS policy against software engineers starting their own businesses. He flew his plane into the building killing himself in the process. This act is not enough to judge the whole state of Texas or even Christianity. Acts like this are not uncommon. Several Christian people have murdered doctors are clinics for conducting abortions. These are also acts of terrorism, however we do not label the Christian faith with such violence. Just as some of these commenters you have heard make statements of killing non-believers, you have made a statement to kill all muslims.. so in those few extremist eyes you have evoked a more passionate retalliation. By saying this you have just become like them. Two sides arguinng to completely eliminate each other will solve nothing. I hope you do not continue to judge us all and see that those are just a few who do such things. And please change your own attitude towards them becuase i believe it is this talk that fuels their rage. Just as we only hear they want to kill americans, i am sure they only hear that americans and non-believers want to kill them. I know it seems almost impossible but you will be surprised what a few kind words will do to change a man and his views on life.

  51. I think all muslims should get out of the US. I don’t trust them on our soil as long as we are fight them in Iraq and Afganistan.

    The Muslims are trouble makers and there are two many of them in the United States. Why do they live here. They should be made to go into the service and fight for the country they take advantate of.

    When the Immigration first started in the US they only could let in so many spanish, so many muslims and all the nationalities has to be around the same amount that was let into this country. For example, they could only allow say 10 thousand spanish, 10 arabs, 10,000 jews, 10,000 poles so no one nationality would take over another. So why did immigration let so many spanish and muslims into this country to tip the population in favor of the spanish and the muslims. The United States should stop letting in any more immigrants until the ones that are here are intergrated in the society, that is they know how to speak english, that the muslims become americanized and don’t wear the headpiece and and become americanized and love the country they live in and help that country to be the best it can. But the muslims have this thought to take over the world and force us to live under the shrie law. This I don’t like and this needs to be stopped. The muslims are definately a threat to world piece.

  52. Muslims in US should know that any WAR has nothing to do with religion. It is very wrong to link any war specialy a war to defend your country, in this case US, to your religion. If Syria attacks Jordan should Jordanina Army surrender to Syrians and give there country to Syria because they are muslims. Muslin armies of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are fighting proper wars againet these extremists. In other almost all muslim countries police is fighting with similar extremists. A US citizen should defend its country regardless of what is the enemies religion.
    Also it is important for a US muslim to consider that whatever circumstances, killing of innocent human being is not justified at all.

  53. Should we not have fought NAZI Germany because we were both predominantly Christian?

  54. Muslims in our military have absolutely NOTHING to do with “Muslims killing Muslims”. We are not anywhere in the world to kill anyone. We do end up killing those who are armed and dangerously threatening. The terrorist sects long ago have given up the right to call themselves Muslims by themselves having taken up killing other Muslims in a violent and terrorist way. As soon as this violence stops we will have no need or right to commit any troops to any kind of killing. The Muslems in our military are the most courageous of any and the most helpful to peaceful Muslims everywhere.

  55. i didn’t get it instead of stopping the war an getting on some solution they are preparing it for more it doesnt matter whether muslims join or not what matters is someone needs to put an end on it because of this war againts terror so many innocent people are sufferning and killed. Stupid peoples like laden in the name of jihad and islam taking innocent lifes and america also taking life of innocent people in the fight againts terrorist.thousands of innocent people have been killed in war againts terror. By watching news it only shows one side of story.Just like invading iraq for possession of nuclear weapon but in the end its was false.This terrorist can be stopped by digging it deep like how they are getting all those weapons and who is supply to them rather than fighting an unending war and taking innocent lives

  56. As a United States Army NCO, and as a muslim, I find these comments interesting. Attacking beliefs and faith or ancestry is pure bigotry–contrary to American and military values. Serve yourself, if you would encourage others to join the armed services. Do people realize how many brigades of trained servicemembers the United States would be short if muslims didn’t serve? Another thing; American muslims don’t have a “burden of proof” to show loyalty. Let those who want to serve in the armed services serve. For ALL those who have served or who do serve, thank you for your service. I am your countryman and proud to be your brother. Qur’an 5:69 Surely those who believe; and those who are Jewish, and the Sabians, and the Nazarenes, whoever of them believes in God and the Last Day and does good works; then they will have nothing to fear nor will they grieve. May Allah grant us all useful knowledge and bring all seekers closer.

  57. I have served in the US army for nearly 19 years, I was one of best Army recruiters in the US at one point, I have recruited over 300 soldiers for the US Army, I’ve just returned from OIF. I have served in Somali during Operation Restore hope. I am currently serving as CA Specialist. It is true that things are getting pretty difficult for Muslim soldiers, Sailors and Marines. Discrimination and ignorance have no limitation in the Military now a days and it is not limited to your peers but also to high ranking officers. yes, there is some days that I want to quit if that were possible and give up my retirement. However, My misgiving has nothing to do with morality of fighting or defending my country but with what I perceive as lack of leadership in preventing discrimination of soldiers and the horrible dehumanizing of Muslim Soldiers. Start with training Islam and Muslims are considered the enemy, and this is in all training grounds, which includes deployment posts. The amazingly naked propaganda is completely incredible. “Talk about hearts and minds”, we are losing Muslim soldiers let alone the so called Muslim enemies. Having said that I still wish for Muslim to join the military and fight to change the attitude towards American Muslim who are not the Enemy. For the rest of America stop sweeping as with broad brush and making us the enemy. We are Americans. We will struggle for our rights using the constitution of United States. Military leaders need to change the perception that muslims soldiers are enemies in training, we are not. Otherwise, you will lose all muslim service members. I will continue defending my nation for it is the right thing to do.

  58. 23 years I gave the Army…..and I learned this:

    Islam in the Middle East is NOT what CAIR wants you to see…CAIR wants you to see the watered down politically correct “religon of peace”.

    Newsflash…its not, its a brutally repressive cult with a Global Caliphate as its goal.

    Go ahead muslims…call me a liar….its in your OWN DAMN BOOK!

    I challenge you to prove me wrong as I read the verses STRAIGHT from the Koran.

    Cockroaches….all of you.

  59. I am a soldier an E-7 that served from 1981–1985 in Germany, during the height of the “Cold War.” After September 11th 2001, I joined the Army again. I have served in Baghdad Iraq and during the summer of the “Surge.” Currently, I am gearing up for a deployment to Afghanistan.
    I recently had a private assigned to me that was born in Pakistan, lived in Afghanistan, and was schooled in Kuwait. He is now enlisted in the U.S. Army and is currently making a second attempt to qualify as a “09L.” He spends hours per day on his cell phone, and is no good use to me in my office. He goes in the back office every day and takes off his boots and prays.
    One day I asked him why he had not completed a simple task that I had assigned to him, and he simply lied to me. I then told him that he spent way too much time outside on his cell phone and he replied with “raging anger,” “Do Not Speak To Me With That Tone Of Voice!” I told him he was being insubordinate and disrespectful, and that he will be counseled. He told me “You Can Not Counsel Me!” I was shocked and called the First Sergeant on the cell, as this Private stormed out the door.
    I have currently been brought up on charges for abusing my rank and threatening a Private. Yes, he made up a lie against me. I checked with his previous unit and found that the same exact thing had occurred with his previous Platoon Sergeant and that he had to be removed from his platoon. I advised my chain of command, but they chose to ignore the facts and transfer me.

  60. no the muslim mustn’t join the american armed force this will be a disaster we must fight then not let them spread in our country i have an example egypt it’s armed force are consists from el ekhwan in english the brother they aint to kill christians belive it or not the armed force kill anyone who is not muslim although egypt is not a muslim country but they want to invade it kick islam out of america don’t let muslim they are just liers Spread awareness among your children they want to get control over america to destroy israil they are just animals who want to invade the world THEY PERSUADE THE YOUNG CHILDREN THAT ISLAM IS THE religon of peace told your children avoid those who tell them you must protest to get islam out of america they will destroy america and make it a desert of stupid protest like them they protest here just because ther is a christian scholl i hpe that everyone see this comment help in protest to get islam out of america egypt now collapse because the armed force is muslim i hope that everyone see this comment take care of his children from islam avoid them they act in peaceful way to con you don’t let them spread in america i hope that everyone see this comment scandal muslim they are just pry for the devil their prophet is just a rapist he tell them to rape the non muslim girls and to kill non muslim is that the piece of islam

  61. Im an american soldier, and a muslim. I’ve been to Iraq, and was sent to the pentagon the day after 9/11. If american muslims are not allowed to serve, then answer me this. Why were the muslims “over there” helping us, being trained by us, working missions with us, and welcoming us?

    People are people. They just want to see what they want, so that they can believe what they want. Truth is, from what I saw, they were happy we were there, and scared of a minority which revolved around self publicizing mullahs who screamed commands to illiterate and desperate people who knew no better. Like when the Catholic Church banned bibles from common believers, stating that the book was to pure for the common man. Thats what some of these people do to the Quran. Or the teachings, interpretation of the Quran.

    People say that the Quran is a violent book. Well in some places, it is. So’s the bible. God condeming whole populations, even their animals and children to death. Read the old testament bible thumpers. Yet christians have no problem condemning us a backwards. Live up to your own religion. Take all women ministers from the pulpit, put coverings on their heads. Or do you not believe Paul was worth being followed?

    I chose Islam because it is a common sense religion. And thats why I love it. I am a soldier because I love this country, and will defend it. I defend those who thank me, and those who do not, equally. You can say your opinions in the open because I place my life on the line, as do my brothers and sisters in the armed forces. In truth, what you say matters little to me, really… I am living what I believe to the best of my ability, inshallah.

    As to those of my religion who will demonize me for serving, you know what? You came here for a reason. Better oppurtunities, jobs, freedoms, for some reason. What do you think pays for the freedoms you are enjoying here? The Quran states to defend the oppressed. Our brothers and sisters in the faith thanked me for being there over there in Iraq. We set up schools which taught reading, writing, arithmetic, and quran. I am proud of my service there. Never once was I told to go home.

    As muslims, all I’m saying is we need to stop worrying about being so damn politically active and politically motivated, and spend some time worrying about our own accounting with Allah(SWT), instead of damning everyone else, for everything else, from wiggling our finger in tashahud or saying “amin” aloud or quietly after Fatihah. AS muslims we need to come together ourselves before we condemn others. “But people hate islam” is because we have been silent as to the misleading of our religion by the taliban, al qadea and others for too long. In hadith, we are told not to speak evil about our brothers, true. But they are taking Islam and turning it into an excuse to wage a war against everyone who does not see things their way, and we need to stand up and say enough is enough, that is not islam. But too few of us are doing it, and here in America, silence is compliance. So there is a lot of Islamaphobia now. We are going to have to deal with that as well whether we want to or not.

    Well, thats my 2 cents. If you agree, fine. If you don’t, fine. If I pissed you off, good. at least your thinking.

  62. The problem is as an american is muslims insist we tolerate them yet do you tolerate my faith? Doesn’t your Koran tell you it’s your duty to Allah to behead me and those i cherish? As well as forbidden by your koran to even make friends with the jews and christians. You call jews apes and pigs. You teach your children to kill the apes and pigs. How is that peaceful? This is my country and i am a proud american. Once upon a time ppl. all over the world came to america and they learned english and asimulated into our culture yet muslims not only do not want to assimulate into our culture but demand we adopt your way of life. We can not trust you as in your koran you are expected to lie if that advances your agenda of your way of life. The world is suffering greatly because of islamic extremists. Everyday someone dies to the glory of their allah. Your fruits are evidence of not peace but violence.

  63. Actually, the Quran states that there should be no compulsion in religion. As to the killing, it was time specific, referring to those who were torturing muslims for being muslims. Wake up and read from some muslim sources and authors, stop listening to the islamophobic demagouges who are making a living by scaring the hell out of you.

  64. Muslim American and future service member of the US Army here.
    If a Muslim kills another fellow Muslim, their faith and soul is forfeit. Look at all the so called ‘Muslims’ in al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations killing fellow Muslims and innocent nun-Muslims. To me, it looks like they have forfeited their faith, and it is now open season time.

  65. straight up yep muslim shouldn’t shed another muslims blood. As for that guy joe, i thought Native American Indians were before you whites so shouldn’t you whites get back on your boats back to where you whites come from? No offence. This world is a mix of culture, religion, race and really we ment to live with a chance in this life we’re gifted with from God as one, realistictly we don’t. There is only one God who known by different names according to religion and language. So for the record all the bad doing muslims make all the good doing muslims look bad to those who don’t no anything true about a muslim in islam faith and the same for a christian and the same for other religions believing in God. No one should be scared of a Muslim on their soil unless thier intentions are bad all religions have good followers and bad followers.

    as for the bob bitchen comment of course the quran or bible or any good regligious book wouldn’t state a plane should be flown into a building far out, does one really think the quran would say that far “wake-up”. Knowlege is the key to knowing well.

  66. The military ventures are often accompanied by humanitarian missions, but anytime there is a war it requires a tremendous sacrifice.

    Maybe it is less risky to influence Congressional war spending and policy debate on military ventures, but through an informed analysis.

    One of the biggest expenditures in the U.S. is on the military, which is directly tied to the debate on reducing the deficit. I think that Congress has until November to submit its ideas for ways to reduce the deficit.

    When Muslims for a Safe America has a blog it ought to keep in mind that it is adding constituencies to a debate that can be presented to representatives. Senator Durbin from Chicago seems receptive to these ideas and other representatives could be as well.

  67. Iam interprter with us army in afghanistan how I join us army

  68. Muslims should not be allowed in the US

    then alone the US military,

    They are plotting another 9/11

    Simply kick them all out forever

    They are and always will be our enemy.

  69. islam is nothing but way of hell, islamik people simply says it is worls of peace an so on, whatever they show good things but their final mission is make every one person islamik in world. now it is time to destroy islam. a good islamik person must have to know that jihadi has overcome islam, and their is no controls of basics of islam.
    some islamik people which live in america says that america is their home, and all the good thngs for amerika, it only because they are safe their, they got good shelter, food and world class living.

  70. Wow. Great Comment. Yep, were out to take everything over.

    So are the christians, thats why they have missionaries, or the jehovah witneeses, thats why they knock on your doors, and the mormons, and just about every other religion out there.

    Destroy Islam. Should I put the red crescent and star patch on my arm now and wait for a train, or later? I mean really? You were born about 1500 years to late my freind. You missed the crusades, sorry.
    Tell you what. We’ll just take back our contributions, like major inroads into surgical procedures, knowldege, astronomy, hygeine, law, arithmatic (though i dont think anyone would be sorry to see algebra go) and all else. Get back into your leather jerkins and try to fall off the edge of the flat world you moron. Without us there would have been no renissance. Maybe you could even help the catholic church take over the world. Good Job.

  71. As for solids pine, well, pretty sure you have a klan rally to go to, better wash your robes.

  72. I want to become an officer in the army. I am in 9th grade and plan to take ROTC in college. For all those people that say that we take their jobs, we have to become americanized and so on. Didn’t you guys come over here in the 1700s to make a better living? Well thats why we’re here. Living in Europe in the 1700s is a lot like living in the Middle East now. We are refugees. America is a melting pot. You guys are saying that you should nuke us. Well look who is the violent on now huh? To those that say that this is our country, well it’s not your country. It was nobody’s country. North America was SETTLED 10000 years ago. So don’t say that this is your land. Wearing the Hijab (headscarves) is our way of life. We don’t say anything about what you guys wear. My mother and father are disgusted with me for wanting to join the army. I understand them. But pretending to think that terrorists are Muslims is just wrong. That’s why I want to join the army.

  73. its has been confusing for a long time when we talk about our believe…specially that when our believe has become issues of war,you cannot find the way out on something that is doing without logic, theres no end of it.

  74. Yes. As much as I distrust that religion as a whole, the answer is yes. American Muslims are still Americans. To deny them the opportunity to apply to defend their country is unconstitutional and against everything me and my friends sacrificed for. I’m a United States Marine and I naturally distrust Muslims and their culture due to my time in Iraq, but I can not condone the discrimination of religion or race for the sake of terror. In doing so would be depriving an entire people of their freedom and right to apply for service because we were afraid. That would one instance of terror prevailing and grant our enemies the satisfaction of winning. NOT ON MY WATCH!

  75. Not one stinking muslim should be allowed anywhere near a military base. They should all be sent to Mecca and then nuked.

  76. It was not a group of catholic nuns,jewish rabbis or a girl scout troup who flew planes into buildings on 9-11.It was a group of radical muslim men who were willing die themselves to kill anyone in America who did not believe what they believed and did not want to live as they did.All those innocent people who died that tragic day did not deserve the fate that was placed upon them by those muslim terrorists.So,lets ask the question…Are there good and decent muslims who dont want everyone else dead besides them? well of course there are.We all have to remember there is a difference between ones religion and ethnicity,they are not one in the same.And that the relationship between God and the individual does not reflect on ones religion or that group as a whole.
    What i find interesting and sad is that the muslims living in freedom here in America have not taken it upon themselves to denounce the terrorists and their acts by demostrating.Yet they enjoy the freedom that they have here that they would not have if they lived in the middle east.As a woman,a veteran and one who values all benefits because of the efforts of the women who came before me i am appaled that muslim women here dont take a stand and be heard to help make change for those women who are in the middle east and being abused by the men in their family.Its sickening to read about or see on the television how women are beaten,raped and tortured simply because of their gender.If this is a reflection of being a muslim…then that aspect is nothing for any man to be proud of.If being a “good” muslim is a reflection of all other muslims as i have been told,then hurting and killing others regardless if they are like you or not is the greatest sin against God you could ever commit.So to all those muslims willing to kill for their religious beliefs just remember God made many religions,no one greater than the other…so in effect,you would not only be killing your brother,but demeaning God and your religion in the process.Good luck with all the all other men around the world,it will eventually get you no where but dead too!

  77. fhgjmghkjghltyrijt,udtewth December 18, 2011 at 1:27 am Reply

    Yeah the should. How else can the infiltrate and kill non muslims like their friend and ally of Hussein Obama, Fort hood murderer Hassan

  78. to note that Islam never preaches like this. Islam is full of noble spirit, if my friends understand Islam correctly, then your mind will change about the real Islam.

  79. you do not belong in our military or our country.i want to kick our raghead asses out of america and send you back to jihad land where you belong.

  80. Every major religion has fought with those who do not believe as they believe, even with themselves. Each major religion believes at its core that it alone holds the absolute truth. So, if john says the only way to heaven is jesus, and abdullah says the only way to heaven is Allah, then we are definitely going to have a confrontation. That simple. I am a muslim. I believe in Islam. And the Islam which most of you know is really a branch, splinter, faction of a small, but vocal minority, which is growing through intimidation, fear, and simple ignorance.
    There are many branches to Islam. Salafi, Sufi, Sunni, Shia, not to mention the schools of thought. For centuries Islam was interpreted in many different ways, like christianity.
    But then our version of the puritans came, and in the name of “cleansing” our religion from error, tortured and killed many of their muslim brothers and sisters, eliminating all who could speak against them. And they are the most vocal today. Taliban. Wahabi. etc. Why? Because they did not believe the same as they did.
    Is Islam a religion of peace? No. Nor is Christianity. Seems to me I read somewhere in the bible about Christ stating ” Think not that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.” The main difference is this. And at its core, while it revolves around religion, it is not a religious difference as much as it is a philosophical one. We are muslim all the time, we take our religion very seriously, for us it is our life. There is no Sunday one way and the rest of the week something else for us. And that is the cultural disconnect between Islam and America. Islam believes in absolute truths. America is not even sure if such a thing as absolute truth exists. And this does not speak for all muslims, just my own observations of both cultures. In america, there is a definite ” God is love, God is mercy, God will forgive, its paid for” attitude. For Muslims, including what I have seen of the middle east, it is a ” God Loves, God is Merciful, however, God is just and strict, and will repay the good and the bad we have done.” A blanket permanent “fix” for sin is not to be found in classical Islam.

  81. “If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (Forever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him.” (4:93) Furthermore, the Constitution of Medina (which was drafted on the instructions of the Prophet) stated, “A believer shall not slay a believer for the sake of an unbeliever, nor shall he aid an unbeliever against a believer.”

    For those who want to join the army and are muuslim^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Good luck on judgement day. 😐

  82. Hey Bruce, this isn’t/shouldn’t be your country. It belonged to the Natives so its not your* country. All your “Four Fathers” did was “create a booming country” that steals and harrases people.

  83. Yeah the should. How else can the infiltrate and kill non muslims like their friend and ally of Hussein Obama, Fort hood murderer Hassan

  84. Killing anyone good is a sin no matter the religion. For example assad an his gang bangers killing and raping HIS own innocent citizens in Syria.. THEY should meet the bottom of my boot. I plan to join the military and am a american muslim I love this country an the people here an believe they do the right thing when the information is revealed. So if we do go to war with assad he fucked with the wrong country broke or not. An Jasa SEO there bad apples all over so stop fuelin the fire

  85. as being an american muslim of palestinian culture, and being a specialist in the US Army 75th airborne ranger regiment, i feel like anyone who lives in this country, the country of freedom, then they should do anything to keep it that way, whether it is joining the military or being a simple garbage man, keeping the land of the free, safe, clean and free is something all americans, all citizens and immigrants should unit has four others of muslim faith, and only one being a convert, the rest were born muslim, like me. and they love and fight for this country the same as our brothers and sisters who fight that are not muslims.

  86. Am not a American but i believe if American muslims by taking American citizenship either by birth or naturalization have indeed given their oath of loyalty to USA.

    Having lived in a many muslim countries i can attest to the fact the the american muslims have it better compared to other muslims in muslim countries.

    If American Muslims don’t agree with US Policies they have the right to disagree, peacefully protest and voice their opinions (Muslims in many muslim countries don’t enjoy this right though). But if American Muslims feel that they don’t belong to US then they must consider leaving their country to elsewhere, where they feel welcome.


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