For decades, the U.S. government has sided with Israel over the Palestinians. The U.S. has given Israel over $140 billion in money and weapons (which Israel has used against Palestinians and other Muslims). The U.S. has provided public and diplomatic support for Israel’s military actions (against Palestinians and other Muslims), prevented Security Council criticism of Israel, prevented international scrutiny of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, and blamed the Palestinians for provoking all conflict with Israel. Furthermore, the U.S. has tried to pressure the Palestinians to accept Israeli demands on Jerusalem, borders between Palestine and Israel, settlements in the West Bank, and Palestinian refugees; and the U.S. has blamed Palestinians for the failure of the parties to successfully negotiate a peaceful resolution. American leaders have said that America’s “special relationship” with Israel makes America safer.

As a result of American support, Israel has become the regional superpower, and the Palestinians are weak in comparison. But desperate and angry Palestinians continue to resist, Israel has not been able to beat the Palestinians into submission, and the region remains tense. Every few years, a major battle breaks out, followed by a ceasefire. After decades of American support for Israel, neither Israelis nor Palestinians have peace or security.

Is it in America’s best interests to continue to throw America’s full support behind Israel?

Or is it in America’s best interests for America to take an even-handed approach between the Israelis and Palestinians? For example, should America equally fund the Israelis and Palestinians? Should America criticize and withhold aid from whichever side is at fault when there is violence? Should America offer independent proposals, and use American aid as an incentive, to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable compromise in their difficult disputes?

Arguments By Those Who Believe Always Siding With Israel Will Make America Safer

1. Siding with Israel doesn’t seriously hurt America in the Muslim world. Many Muslims do get angry at America when there’s a surge in Israeli military activity, but their anger at America dissipates when there’s a new ceasefire. Overall, Muslims in the Muslim world continue to admire America, and they seek to move to America for freedom and economic opportunity. Furthermore, if America became neutral towards Israelis and Palestinians, that would not eliminate anti-American anger in the Muslim world. America’s support for Israel is only one reason for anti-American anger in the Muslim world. Some Muslims are also angry about America’s military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and America’s support for dictatorships in the Muslim world. So Al Qaeda will continue to find some support in the Muslim world for attacks on America, regardless of American policy towards Israel. Al Qaeda and its supporters will not be satisfied by anything less than total American disengagement from the Muslim world, and the elimination of Israel.

2. American neutrality would alienate Israel and damage America’s important military relationship with Israel. America needs a reliable ally in the region, and that’s Israel, the strongest military power in the region. Although there are no American military bases in Israel, Israel allows the U.S. to maintain American military equipment on its territory, provides facilities for American fleets, provides medical facilities for American troops, provides intelligence to America, and tests American weapons (against the Palestinians and other Muslims) in battlefield conditions, which helps the U.S. improve its weapons. Israel has been an American ally since the Cold War, and Israel will continue to provide these services to America, as long as America maintains its special relationship with Israel.

3. America must maintain its special relationship with Israel, because America doesn’t have other good allies in the Middle East. America’s Arab allies are not reliable. For example, America saved Saudi Arabia from a potential Iraqi invasion in 1991, but Saudi Arabia asked American troops to leave Saudi Arabia in 2003, because of pressure from Al Qaeda. America liberated Iraq from Saddam’s regime in 2003, but Iraq wants American troops out of Iraq as soon as possible. (American troops may also be asked to leave Afghanistan once the Taliban and Al Qaeda are defeated.) Other Arab states may also ask American troops to leave if their populations become angrier about America’s foreign policy.

4. America must maintain its special relationship with Israel, because Israel is an important American ally in the “War on Terror.” Israel has prevented Al Qaeda from taking root in Palestine. Furthermore, Israel is on the frontlines against Hezbollah and Hamas, which have relationships with Al Qaeda.

5. America must maintain its special relationship with Israel, because Israel is America’s first line of defense against Iran’s nuclear program. A potential Iranian nuclear weapon could threaten America. America needs Israeli help to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. If America stops working closely with Israel, that would increase the likelihood that Iran could successfully develop nuclear weapons.

Arguments By Those Who Believe Being Neutral Between Palestinians & Israelis Will Make America Safer

1. If America is perceived as treating Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews equally, that would greatly reduce anti-American anger in the Muslim world. The Muslim world is angered by American preference for Jewish Israelis over Muslim Palestinians. Al Qaeda taps into this anger to raise funds and recruit supporters for attacks against American targets. Even though American neutrality towards Palestinians would not eliminate all anti-American anger in the Muslim world, it would greatly reduce the percentage of Muslims willing to support Al Qaeda, because the long-standing Palestine issue is at the core of Muslim grievances against America.

2. Israel has not been a useful ally for America in America’s recent wars; when America went to war against Iraq in 1991, Afghanistan in 2001, and Iraq in 2003, America relied on its Arab allies (and European allies), not on Israel. Although Israel was prepared to help, it was too politically risky for America to ask for Israel’s help in fighting against Muslim countries. Any military services provided by Israel to America can be provided to America by other nations in the region. In addition, Israel has not been a good ally, because it gave American military technology to China, against America’s wishes.

3. America doesn’t need Israel; in fact, America doesn’t even have a military base in Israel. America has several reliable Arab allies in the Middle East. America has military bases in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Other Arab states, like Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia don’t host American military bases, but they have close military ties with America. If America becomes neutral towards the Palestinians, and if anti-American anger therefore declines in the Muslim world, all these Arab countries will be able to strengthen their military relations with America.

4. America’s Muslim allies – like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq – are more important allies than Israel in America’s “War on Terror;” after all, those Muslim nations are on the frontlines of the war against Al Qaeda. Israel is not relevant when it comes to fighting Al Qaeda, because there is no Al Qaeda presence near Israel. (Hamas has refused to work with Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda has criticized Hamas; Hezbollah (Shia) and Al Qaeda (Sunni) are hostile to each other.) Furthermore, Israel’s battles against Hezbollah and Hamas don’t make America safer. Hezbollah and Hamas pose a threat to Israel, not to America. Hezbollah and Hamas want to establish separate, local Islamic states, but they don’t share Al Qaeda’s goal of driving America out of the Muslim world and establishing an Islamic state in all lands that were ever under Muslim rule. In addition, the civilian casualties caused by Israel’s battles (using American weapons) against Hezbollah and Hamas make America less safe, because America gets blamed for the Muslim casualties.

5. A potential Iranian nuclear weapon would pose a threat to nearby Israel, not to America. Iran is too far away from America to launch an attack on America. And Iran (Shia) is too hostile to Al Qaeda (Sunni), and too scared of American retaliation, to give a nuclear weapon to Al Qaeda. Furthermore, if America ever needs to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, it won’t need Israel’s help; America can attack Iran by itself, or with the help of Sunni Arab states which are hostile to Iran. Finally, American support for Israel causes tension between America and Iran; American neutrality towards Palestinians and Israelis would improve American relations with Iran.


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11 Responses to Would Being Neutral, Between Palestinians & Israelis, Make America Safer?
  1. In a perfect world the option of neutrality would be best, however, what to do about the powerful Israeli lobby machine in DC?
    I’m pretty sure most Muslim Americans are holding their breath about now, waiting to see if Obama has courage to do something about Middle East Peace other than the status quo.
    Courage and leadership in regard to this issue remains to be seen, and the Muslim world is watching and waiting.
    At some point Americans have to wake up to the fact that the “we support Israel without condition” attitude of our government has seen its day, to disastrous results. America can make a difference in the region, if our leaders are willing to stand up to the Israeli leadership and demand justice for the Palestinians. It’s possible, but it will take courage and vision.

  2. It is a brilliant analysis. I notice that you have left out USA domestic considerations. Is that by design?

    For example:

    Power of pro Israel votes, finance and media among jewish and christian americans.

    Growing muslim vote in USA and related medium and long term implications.

    Growing feeling in USA that we may be supporting Goliath against David. Feeling of unfairness may be increasing.

  3. America can not be the policeman of the whole world, specially in the middle east.

    The world should do exactly what China is doing regarding the Israel Palestine constant fighting: Let them fight an all out war.

    You can beg them to stop fighting now, but when one side’s main purpose is to annihilate the other side, it will be impossible for any longh lasting peace.

    Like in any conflict, either side has its own points of view. The main difference is that israel wants to be left alone, while palestinians does not recognize israel’s right to exists.

    In the minds of the arabs, it is perfectly legitimate for them to immigrate to other countries, many times by force, while it is absolutely not acceptable for non arabs to occupy arab lands.

    That’s why in many arab countries, non muslims don’t have the right to own land.

    We need to stop being a policeman or a judge or a juror in this conflict, and let them fight their way to a solution once and for all because it does not matter how much we have been helping the palestinians in restraining israel, arabs still consider america an evil society. Their dream is to islamize us some day, just like they have been islamize many countries in the past 1400 years.

  4. Dear Brother Kamran Memon, AAWRB,
    What a wonderful initiative.

    Ambassador Syed A. Ahsani
    Chairman, American Muslim Task Force for Civil Rights & Elections, Southwest Region, Dallas/Fort Worth

  5. Israel’s founding father David Ben Gurion badly slipped by disdainfully rejecting affirmation of faith in the Jewish God at the founding Ceremony. “God.” he said, did too little to deserve this credit.” That sealed the fate of Israel ever becoming a Jewish state. Zionists have placed them and the innocent Jewish community under a threat of retribution from the heavens. Suddenly everything has started going wrongly with Israel. President of Israel, Shimon Peres knows this through a mail that I sent to him. President Obama’s Senior Advisor, David Axelrod received a forward of this too. The onus now would fall on the Palestinians to rescue the beleaguered Jews in the event of a blow up of Israel’s bubble.

  6. Palestinian men are the least honest men that walk the earth.Take care of USA. Loyalty should be with our own country and allies.Last night, my daughter was attacked.4 Palestinian and one big fat black man tried to sexually assault and drag her into an apt. She broke away, got in her boyfriends car, but not without them robbing her of $210. She was lucky to escape, they had guns.You see she thought one of the men was a friend.She thought she was going to visit her friend and her boyfriend was invited too. He had come over to our house and played the nice guy.When he had other plans. That is how it is with Palestine. They lie and deceive to get what they want. They yes yes yes and all the time making plans against Israel. It.s always the same. I haven;t ever met a descent Palestinian. They come to Portland Oregon try to bomb us here. Big and Sweet words won’t change the facts they want a “Total Muslim World”. They blame their problems on others, when they continue to manipulate situation their way. They think we are all stupid.I know, I was stupid once and married one. I’ve heard and see clearly now. LOL Will the USA have to learn the hard way like me. We need to stand firm.Do you think?

  7. If we in USA – had known and studied our World History -from the Crusader and that of the terror of Mohammad – using Islamic Muslim writing and twisting them – we should have never allow you into our country – as the Trojan Horse worldwide that you have become – as a born again Christian I will share the gosple of Jesus Christ who is greater that your so call ALLAH – just another false god of the Middle East – and as a Vietnam Vet, I will fight you on all fronts – as well as our GOV. THAT TOLERATE YOU ALL – to my last dying breath!!!!!! Shalom!!!!!

  8. All you israelis suck balls cause palistinians dont do anything you guys are just killing citizens and babies i visited palistine during the summer time everyone is lucky to get 5 shackels a day to feed their family i am just saying let the palistinians live in peace or hammas will blow you all up

  9. and sally you suck cause you are talking about my uncles cousins and you sally thats why god will punish all israelis

  10. hey sally, to be exact not all muslims are considered to be bad or even a terrorist. just because those two men had done that to your daughter doesn’t mean that you can blame all muslim men. i know qutie a few of muslim men that are not bad as you describe it. and before you start talking about something you don’t know anything about, research the facts first. because you can ruin the name of islam that way. it can also cause many conflicts between muslims and nonmuslims. so next time you need to consider what you say about islam before you go posting it on the internet.

  11. @ahmad R. ascar – “[let the palistinians live in peace or hammas will blow you all up” … REALLY?!!! Do you REALLY think those sort of inflammatory statements help? You’re an idiot. You bring shame to Islam, whatever that REALLY is these days, especially when so many choose the peaceful portions of that religion. If you are AMERICAN, you would be tolerant of other people’s beliefs. That does NOT mean that you have to accept those beliefs for yourself. It DOES mean that you do NOT incite violence as a means to reaffirm what you claim to believe. Perhaps you know far less about your own religion than what you would like others to believe.

    Regarding the Muslim attackers/Sally’s daughter — That is most unfortunate. Not all Muslim men are that way. Some are truly kind and loving towards women. Others, however, disdain women and consider them lesser creatures and confine them within man-made rules and regulations, under the guise that it is “Allah’s will.” This problem is not confined to Muslims … Christians and non other faiths, or anti-faiths have similar issues. This is a control problem that some MEN have, as they cannot control themselves. It is easier to blame the women than to take responsibility for their own impure thoughts and actions. They bring shame to humanity by treating women with such malice. I am truly sorry for your daughter.

    @sher Mohammad — You are, perhaps, correct in your assessment about Israel’s turning its back on God. It has become a mainly secular society. However, not all Israelis, Jews and Christians alike, have done that. Do not lump everyone under such a broad umbrella. One must be honest about the situation to bring light and positive change.


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